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The best week of the year, Sziget Festival ended so quickly this year. For the first time in my life I wasn't there just to party, but for a work project as well. We were promoting a Hungarian movie called No Man's Island. Still, I had plenty of time to go to concerts and parties at night, who needs sleep anyway? (Actually I definitely do, as my exhaustion is probably the reason why I got so sick after the festival.) 
Staying out there for the long days and nights was 100% worth it, as the lineup was the best in years, and we had so much fun dancing all night. One thing I'm only going to mention for half a sentence, because I want this post to be as positive as my general experience at Sziget was: be very-very careful and nice to each other in big crowds, because it can get crazy and dangerous. 
Back to the happy things: Kavinsky and Placebo were the highlights of the week, Deadmau5 was better than I imagined, and the LGBTQ tent was the most fun and free place to dance at. What makes Sziget unique are the surreal things, like a giant dragon robot with a middle-aged DJ and a man on bass guitar playing Daft Punk-esque tunes on top of it, and the many different cultural programs it offers during the day.
Sziget was always my favourite festival, and this year just made my feelings for it grow stronger.



If you're like me, and you don't have daily excess to a sea or an ocean, these tips will help you get the perfect surfer waves, no matter the season.
  1. Don't blow dry your hair completely after washing: Once you've washed, properly conditioned and brushed your hair, you should let it dry for about 10-15 minutes, until it's a little bit drier than towel-wet hair. Then you take the blow dryer, and start drying the top of it, mostly around your parting, on low speed. This way you won't catch a cold, and your parting will be a bit more easy to control. Don't dry it completely, leave the ends, about half of your hair to dry on air.
  2. If your hair's not naturally wavy at all, braid it: Put your hair into a loose french braid if it's not naturally wavy enough, and let it dry that way.
  3. Use sea salt spray on 95% dry hair: One thing I experienced is when I use a surf spray on really wet hair, my hair becomes hard to control and it will have a crispy feel. When I use it on almost dry hair, it will still give me nice beachy waves, but it doesn't look so crazy, and my hair stays soft.
  4. Don't brush your hair afterwards: If you want to keep your beachy waves for days, but don't want to look like a soggy puppy, try to brush it carefully, and mostly on the top, or where it looks like it needs it the most. Only brush it completely before washing your hair again, otherwise you might look like you've been hit by lightning.
  5. Don't do it too often, or for too many days: Sea salt spray isn't the healthiest thing you can put on your hair, it might damage or break it if you have weak hair, so try not to use it after every wash. Also, not brushing it for many days can cause huge tangles, which will (again) break your hair when brushing. Enjoy your beachy waves without having to worry about your hair's condition afterwards. 



Two weeks after the legendary actress' passing I'm remembering her for one of the many things that made her an exceptional icon in the past 90 years: her timeless style.


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Mert&Marcus photographed some of the biggest super models of the past couple of years for the september issue of W Magazine.
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